Tech//Connect 2.1 Retrospective

2017, Feb 09    


I was ask by BJSS if I could talk at the Tech//Connect 2.1 event which they were hosting within their Leeds office. The event was organised by Amsource Technology who provide recruitment services for organisations looking to hire and for candidates looking for new opportunities.

The talk was presented by Thomas Drake and myself and introduced by Mike Dwyer from Amsource.

The preparation

I spent a lot of my personal time preparing for this event, more than I originally expected I would. I had not spoken in front of a group of technology professionals in a while and I felt I needed to give it my best shot not matter what. I also was not overly keen on the subject of microservices, not because I do not know much on the subject but I personally feel like microservices was a 2016 buzzword, such like SOLID, Big Data etc…

The night

The night ran exceptionally well, we presented to around 40+ professionals ranging from software and platform engineers to development managers. Everyone was engaged and enjoyed the full end-to-end life cycle of building up a small application and then deploying it to azure (or rancher).


The night started with a introduction to microservices and then we contrasted this with other development styles out there today. We went on to talk about how Docker and Service Fabric can help along the way with development, deployment and maintenance of lots of small services.


The first half of the talk spike a lot of questions at the half-time break, such as; How small should our services be?, When should we migrate to this? and How do my developers get started?.

The second half of the talk was more hands on with lots of coding demos. This gave people an idea of how easy it was to use frameworks such as Service Fabric to build and deploy their microservice applications.


The feedback from the event was outstanding, I was fairly surprising with this due to the vast range of audience skill sets. However everyone took away something useful from attending the event.