GitHub Special Repository, The Public Profile Readme

2020, Jul 04    

You might have noticed on twitter recently that people are tweeting that they’ve found a GitHub secret.

Let’s explore creating this secret, and see what it entails!

Creating the Repository

To start off with we need to head over to to create a new repository, the trick here is to have the Repository name the same as the Owner. In my case my owner is kevbite so my repository name is kevbite. Once you’ve got the name correct you’ll get a informational message telling you this is a special repository.

Create a new GitHub repository

Editing the Readme

Once the repository is created you’ll be presented with your file which contains a sample message of

Hi there 👋

Here is we click the green Edit README button we can change what our readme says.

Edit Readme

Once you’re in the edit file page you can start to edit your own readme file, note that this file is markdown so you can use lots of different styling and even images. Here you can see that I’ve created a few markdown hyperlinks.

Edit Readme file

There’s loads of Markdown Cheatsheets on the internet to help you write markdown, you can even use visual studio code.

Once we’re happy with our readme file we can preview what it looks like before saving it.

Preview Readme file

Check Out Your Profile!

Once we’ve saved the file, go back to your profile overview and you’ll see you’re lovely new readme!

GitHub Profile Overview

What does your profile overview look like? ☺