SteelCon Workshop

SteelCon Workshop

2019, Jul 12    

Talk Title

Attacking websites from the other direction

Talk Description

In the modern age of software development, automation is the key to getting features to our clients. In this session we will look at different automation tools that allow us to achieve fast stable features, limiting regressing any bugs. We will look at different types of source control and how these are used to allow engineers to collaborate on building software together, build server and how these are used to ensure a healthy code base and automate repetitive tasks. We will also dive in to different types of application deployments and how these are provisioned and managed to keep them healthy when live.

All this automation limits the amount of human error; however, most automation tools have more access to production environments to do their job. We’ll look at common mistake’s developers make while building these environments and how these can be compromised.

The session is aimed at anyone who is interested in how a normal development life cycle works, it be split in to a short presentation and then we’ll have a hands-on bounty hunting to find keys and secrets. Participants will require a working laptop with any operation system.